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The Tampa Bay Strength and Fitness Expo is now FitFest at the Florida State Fairgrounds Expo Hall. This family-friendly event brings the health and fitness community together for an action packed weekend, August 19-20, 2023. Whether you are a fitness enthusiast or just looking to “check it out,” this event is for you! Food, drinks, and adult beverages are available on-site. This expo is open to the general public and tickets can be purchased at the door or online in advance.


TB Fit Expo features multiple live sports with the opportunity for close viewing. Each sport identifies with a genre of fitness, and you will see men, women, and children compete. For more info on sports, please check out the “Events” tab. Interested in hosting your sport here? Email info@tbfitexpo.com to inquire.


TB Fit Expo boasts around 100 amazing vendors and exhibitors. Expect to find everything from nutrition, wellness, and supplement companies to apparel and accessory companies. Experience some rare opportunities that these companies offer only as part of TB Fit Expo!


Kids 5 and under: free!
Kids 6-12: $10
General Admission: $20

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